Xiaomi brings foldable bicycle


The Chinese company Xiaomi has discovered a new folding bike.

According to Electrek, Himo is expected to cost 1699 yuan, which is about 225 euros. The folding bicycle weighs almost 17 kilograms and has a battery with a nominal load of six hours amperes, with which the engine operates with 250 watts.

Tires have a diameter of twelve inches. A full battery charge lasts 6.5 hours, according to the company

E-bicycles are currently only sold to China through the crowd-crowd platform of Xiaomi. The first copies will be submitted on July 30th. It is expected that bicycles will find the way to Europe in the coming months.

It is not the first bicycle that the Group launches. Just two years ago, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer announced Qicycle. It was also a folding bicycle at a price of 400 euros.

The bike is made of carbon fibre and weighs only 14.5 kg. All the parts, except the main beam and the tires, can be folded to fit into a small car’s trunk. It is powered by a 250W 36V high-speed electric motor and has torque-sensing capabilities that adjusts the power on the basis of the user’s pedaling and torque applied. The motor runs on 20 Panasonic lithium ion batteries with capacity of 29,000 mAh each, which last for 45 km on a single charge. The Shimano Nexus 3 speed gear hub can also adjust the resistance.

Like Xiaomi’s other IoT devices, the bike can be connected to a companion smartphone app, which offers GPS navigation and measures real-time fitness parameters such as the speed, mileage, distance covered and the calories burnt.

The electric folding bike is the latest in a series of IoT devices launched by the Chinese company in recent months, in an attempt to diversify and shed its image as the maker of cheap smartphones. QiCycle is among a string of startups that Xiaomi has been backing to build innovative accessories that are then sold in Xiaomi’s online store.

In recent months, Xiaomi has unveiled wide range of smart gadgets, including a rice cooker, air and water purifiers and the Mi Band fitness bracelet. All the devices in the Mi Ecosystem are connected to the Internet and come with their own app, allowing users to control it.

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