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What is the trading and living of the online trading?


Trading online attracts every year thousands of people willing to make money in stock market. However, 95% of traders lose money in the market. What are the keys to trading online? How can we situate ourselves with guarantees between 5% winner? Discover the fundamental basis to be a good trader from the hand of thinkers who feed on your personal and investment mentality: Lorenzo Serratosa, José Iván García, Robert Greene, and others.

To understand what it is trading, and, above all, today that we are talking about online trading, say consists of tracking a clear investment strategies, which must be followed with self-control, discipline, and knowledge, applied to the area of the markets financial online, or over the internet, through the use of a computer.

There are many trading strategies that have been developed over the years, some with their trading systems or automatic trading systems.

Each has different variables: day trading, swing trading, quantitative trading, currencies: and all include different time ranges and mental perspectives to bear in mind when it comes to investing.

The trading day is every day, also called: Intra day. Many people are not really prepared for this phase… I want to tell you, that mental and emotional self-control is not properly developed by many eager novice investors and those who thought that “it would eat the market”, end up losing more money than It would cost them a good course of the bag, the market eats them to them.

The trading is nothing more than the fact of trade, buy and sell, but in English. Spanish investors have coined the term Anglo-Saxon to refer to when this practice is carried out with shares in the stock market. There are many types of trading and they can be applied in different time periods, from minutes to months or years.

However, it is usually to generally associate the concept of trading short-term investment, and, on the other hand, the idea of as such, which is carried out in the long run.

How to Not Lose as 95% of Traders

At a time in your life, it stings you curious and you may wonder what is trading? above all, when you research a little and find you what you can expect to earn.

At that time you can ask yourself can I live to trade? How to live trading? looks very interesting, and more when you report and discover some famous works with the trading day and is living very well…

However, you still sounding Chinese everything from how to operate in a bag because you do not know or where to start.

This feeling not should worry, because, among other things, 95% of which are introduced in this world do not have many ideas in this respect… you end up losing everything, I will not hide the fact.

This is the big key that I think it is important not to lose in trading:

For Live trading is to make money, to gain money must be formed.

If so, to live trading, there is a fundamental rule: that you formed properly. 5% of winning traders tend to agree on one thing: they are training in his specialization, never cease to learn.

What are the Fundamental Disciplines to Operate well in Trading?

And what are the disciplines in which must be formed? In my opinion, there are certain fundamental disciplines that must be mastered to make good use of the trading:

  • Technical analysis.
  • Fundamental analysis.
  • Deep knowledge of the market.
  • Psycho-trading.
  • Money management (Capital Management).
  • Continuing education: be teachable by another person (coaching), or be self-taught (better if these two modalities are combined).

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