The first electric filling station, 30 minutes of electricity


Fastned by the Netherlands is expanding into Germany. The first station will be followed by much more. For electric car drivers, there are now more choices.

The Dutch company Fastned has opened its first banning in Germany. The fast loading station is located on the A3 motorway in Limburg an der Lahn and has some 350 kW loaders. This means that chargers are equipped for many models that will only come in the market with such charging power in the future. The company’s boss, Bart Lubbers, said: “Now comes the German auto industry, in the coming years German manufacturers will be like Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes fully-powered models that can be loaded with high power.

This is a great challenge and opportunity for the automotive industry and loading companies like Fastned. Along with communities, landowners and suppliers are building the loading infrastructure needed to charge these machines with the power of sun and wind.”

The problem is the price. According to information from FOCUS Online, the cost is 7.50 euros for 30 minutes. Many e-vehicles – currently all – but can not even start charging at 350 kW, but only with one part of the loading power. This means that electric vehicles or a BMW i3 are at a disadvantage: they can not fully charge their batteries within 30 minutes. 7.50 euros quite expensive.

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