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The best affiliate programs online to earn money



Just as in the previous case, this company gives you a percentage for every customer referred from your site making a purchase.

This is one of the most popular options in terms of affiliate programs due to the generous commissions offers: not only pays you by concerned buyers, but that gives you credit extra for publishing certain and by each new property a user who is registered on your website. From the platform warns that MercadoSocios program will work only until the 30th of September, but will be replaced by new forms of affiliation.

Monetize your website

this company program called eBay Partner Network and offers you dividends by the sales achieved through your blog. It additionally pays you a percentage of the quality traffic you refer to your site. Get more information and sign up via this link.

This company boasts of the best commissions to pay online (can reach up to 75%). In this case, you must choose one of the thousands of information products that are requested to promote it from your site and the corresponding profit.

The proposal of this platform is to pay you a percentage of each song, book, application, movies, or product that you can sell from your site through links and listings. Sign up and learn more about this program via this link.

in this case, you have to adventure in the business of travel, about which you must advertise your website to get dividends. This platform allows you to opt for banners, images, HTML and other formats of promotion.

As you know, is one of the companies engaged in e-commerce most successful world. Its platform offers up to a 10% Commission from any sale that takes place through the links displayed on the affiliate sites.

Make money with affiliate programs is one of the ways to win money online most used by owners of blogs and other websites around the world due to its simplicity and high earning potential.

It is an easy way to earn money on the Internet since it does not require from us have increased technical knowledge in programming or web design, create a product and, in some cases, even have a website. It is only a question of registering in any of these programs and begin to promote the product that this brings about.

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And it is a shape with a high potential for income due mainly that we just need to get a user to visit the website where the product is sold and buy it to earn a Commission that often exceeds 50% of the sale.

In this article we’ll show you everything you need to know to make money with affiliate programs.

What are the affiliate programs and how they work?

Affiliate programs are programs that allow us to promote a product and earn a Commission whenever we achieve a user is directed to the website where the product is sold and buy it.

We should only promote the product provided by the program (for example, in our blog or newsletter) and, once you got that a user is directed to the product sales page through a link that also provides us with the program , and buy it, the program will pay us a Commission or percentage of the sale.

How can I get to winning with affiliate programs?

It is difficult to establish how much you can get to winning with affiliate programs since it depends on several factors such as product, the number of visitors or Subscribers having the blog or website where this is promoted, and the commissions that pay program ; but by taking a reference there are several blogs that come to win a 30 000 dollars per month with affiliate programs only, although this only happens in the English-speaking market. In the Spanish-speaking market, where there are fewer Internet users and less shopping through this medium, likely only find blogs coming to earn about 4 $000 a month.

Whatever the case, keep in mind that expect to earn these sums of money just will be possible if you have a blog or website with good traffic of visitors or a large number of subscribers, which do not necessarily take some time , but enough work and dedication.

How to earn money with affiliate programs?

Below we show you the steps to making money with affiliate programs.

  1. Choose an affiliate program
    Today there is a large number of affiliate programs, ranging from those who have various types of products such as Amazon and ClickBank programs, up to those who have a single type of product, belonging to companies seeking to people who help them promote their products in Exchange for a Commission.
  2. Register for the affiliate program
    Once you’ve selected an affiliate program, the next step is to register for it.

To do so, while in your home page, click on the link that says: “register”, “create account” or something similar, and then follow the registration process, where, in general, simply asked you to fill out a form with some of your basic personal information such as your name, your physical address, and email address.

Choose a product to promote

In the event that the affiliate program where you have registered several products have the next step consists of choosing the product that you are going to promote.

So, looking for products that have the program, and then choose which will promote taking into account factors such as their sales (in case available) statistics, the commissions offered (where commissions vary for each) product), your personal tastes and your knowledge about the same.

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