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How to make money with Youtube channel?


If you’re a true artist making videos and think that you could devote yourself to it, we tell you how to create a YouTube channel and make money with it.

Today, become a youtuber’s success is the dream of many people. The most popular streaming video platform has allowed that anyone can reach a large audience with minimal resources and turned around a business that allows that the creators of content more followers and more creative, more hook is emboldened millionaire income with their videos.

But, how you can create a YouTube channel to make money with it? The thing is no longer as simple as before and the platform has been more strict to ensure the quality of the videos that receive advertising revenue. Therefore, you will have to be a little patient and do things to create and retain your audience, which will allow benefits to arrive.

First thing: how to create a YouTube channel.

We start at the beginning. If you do not have a YouTube channel, you can create it easily. To do this you must have a Google account, log in to the platform and go to the section my channel.

There you can enter the channel name and description, choose images, and configure all aspects, such as the default values of the rise of videos, the content featured, introduce watermark and other advanced options. To spend all the time you need to complete the information and exploits to the maximum the possibilities offered by the platform.

When your channel is ready, you can start uploading your videos. You will see that it does not have any mystery and you can publish the content with ease. The Creator Studio tools allow you to carry out a basic editing if you need it. Remember that it is important to choose titles, introduce attractive descriptions and choose the labels carefully.

Preparations for your YouTube channel.

Create a YouTube channel to make money is not something that you can do crazy. It is a great task that will require an effort on your part, and carry it out as it deserves it is necessary that you make a detailed planning.

First, sets the time that you are going to be able to devote to your channel and make sure you’re going to be able to the allocation of a minimum of hours periodically. When making your calculations, please note that, in addition to recording, create a video involves writing the script and editing of the material.

Start to create content and loyalty to your audience.

The main ingredients you’ll need to start a YouTube channel are perseverance, patience, and continuous learning. Before receiving income with him you have to get a hearing and fill, for what you’re going to have to publish videos on a regular basis, listen attentively to the comments of users and use constructive criticism and suggestions you receive to go improving.

Therefore, in the initial phase, you have to focus completely on learning, especially if this is your first time on YouTube. The experience will allow you to know your audience and improve your content, which in turn will increase your viewers. After this initial period, you are ready to start earning money with your YouTube channel.

Join the YouTube partner program.

At the time that your channel more than 10,000 displays in total, you can join YouTube partner program, which is the mechanism for monetizing content platform launched in April of this year. Therefore, until you don’t always 10,000 displays you cannot start to receive income for your YouTube channel.

Overcome this barrier, you can submit an application following the instructions in the service that you’ll find in this link. If you haven’t done it yet, you will have to sign up for AdSense and set your preferences for monetization. Once submitted the application, you have to wait for YouTube to check your activity to verify that your contents comply with their conditions, policies, and norms of the community.

Earn money on YouTube with ads.

When you enable the monetization and the platform gives the go-ahead to your channel, you can start to make money on YouTube with ads in your videos. The key to getting income with them is your audience: brands want to reach an audience with a segmentation that is determined by what value that your followers constitute a demographic group that interests them.

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