Create your own e-mail domain like gmail


Create your own E-mail – You all must be having e-mail accounts and you use gmail, hotmail, yahoo, reddifmail, etc. But, everyone can have emails from such big companies. But if you have email domain of your name, it will look more professional. Isn’t it? This is really cool and whenever anyone asks about your email, they will surely be surprised.

Now, talking about how we are gonna do this. For any tech geek, it’s quite simple but this article is meant for all amateurs who have started their journey. There are two methods, one is free and the other is paid. But, I would recommend you to use the free method for the first time. But to be more professional, you can go for the paid one.

First, you need a domain. Either go to freenom or website to register your free domain by creating a new account. Having done that you gotta go to control panel of your domain change the nameservers to and Now you have set your domain.

Next is web hosting, go to infinityfree to get your free hosting by creating a new account. Enter the name of your domain and create your account. After this, go to cpanel and scroll down. Now go to email accounts and create your email account with your selected domain name by providing password and name. You are all set!
But, still, you won’t receive mails, ok. So now change mx record to Your email panel is webmail accounts. Just enter your email ID and  login.

Now you can send mails and receive mails with your own chosen email domain and name.

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